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It does not have to take years of lessons to learn. You will be playing church songs WITH CHORDS by Lesson 2 of the first course
​(AP 100: A Crash Course in Basics) with Apostolic Praise.

Even if you have never touched a keyboard before and do not even know the notes, you can start from the beginning with Apostolic Praise courses. We start teaching all the way from the start!

We also place a huge emphasis on Substitution Chords, which are chords that can be substituted for other chords in certain places in a song to make the song sound more interesting.  We start off teaching you major and minor chords but soon progress to other chords that can be substituted to replace them and make your playing sound better!

We currently offer online lessons in keyboard, bass, guitar and choir parts.  The emphasis is on Pentecostal & Gospel music, reading chord sheets and playing by ear with chords, although we do have courses that teach how to read music and play out of Hymnals.  By Pentecostal piano music, we mean black gospel piano style, southern gospel style, Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), jazz style, blues style, basic piano style, Spanish style and much more!  The concepts learned in Apostolic Praise courses can be applied to any style, anywhere!

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Be Capable of Playing in Church in Months...Not Years!
Or...Do You Already Play? We'll Improve Your Playing By Leaps & Bounds!

Read some testimonials from our students.​​
Hi, I'm Richard W. Smith and I'm the main instructor here at Apostolic Praise School of Music.  I started playing piano when I was 6, but it was over 10 years later before I ever played in church.  My goal is to shorten that path for you and get you playing FAST!  It does not have to take years to learn the piano. You can be capable of playing in months...even weeks!  I wish I would have had a resource like Apostolic Praise when I was learning to play.
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"I'm so enjoying my lessons, never thought it could be so easy! I'm over 40 years old and if I can do it anybody can! I've wasted my money on so many other courses, but I have learned so much in just 3 short weeks! Thank you Jesus I love it!"
- Joyce S. (Texas)​​​​​​

"This course has taught me to read music using the number system, which I was so confused on before while my daughter was taking lessons. I have learned several shortcuts to making chords, (for example the dominant flatted 7ths) and I also learned a couple of different runs and fills that I did not know before this course."
- Sherry S. (California)

You break down the fancy chords so now I'm playing them in church, you teach songs we REALLY can use in a church service, and I can actually reach you and you are so willing to help beyond the purchased lessons, that is awesome!!!!​​​
-Becky M. (California)​
The Fastest, Easiest & Funnest Way to Learn Pentecostal Piano, Gospel Keyboard​, Bass, Guitar & Vocals!
Since 2008, with the help of God we have helped THOUSANDS of aspiring musicians with their ministry.​
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